Billie & The Wheelgod

      30 Jun, 01 + 02 Jul 2017
20h30 @ Ultima Vez Studio, Zwarte Vijverstraat 97, 1080 Brussels

‘You are stupid!’, we told the watchman. We stole his key and locked him in eternal sleep. There he bathed and looked younger than we could ever be.

MELCHIOR is the imagined space in which new action is threaded by the facts of common history. The action itself is sharp and precise, a direct implication of the action that precedes. Words are spoken occasionally and reveal a poetry of place and moment, of brevity and gravitas, before they are let go of and disappear.
Billie & Wheelgod is a structure and catalyst for producing instant dances that fulfill poetic directives. It dedicates to destruction of image and in doing so it gives birth to organic and rich compositions. Billie Hanne direts the dancers with careful attention so the material can unfold into the piece.


Dance and Choreography: Johnny Schoofs, Dezso Virag, Billie Hanne, Ilse Van Haastrecht
Poetry: Johnny Schoofs, Dezso Virag, Billie Hanne, Ilse Van Haastrecht
Direction and vision: Billie Hanne
Lights: Sylvain Formatche
Production: Bones of G




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