After studying music (violin), dance and pedagogy in Hungary, she has found the ideal combination of all three in the field of mime, by following the MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts – Amsterdam) Curriculum.

Since the early ‘90s she is active as a performer, pedagogue, choreographer, initiator, company leader, gaining more and more experience as a team leader and coach, meanwhile she is being a mother of two children.

She is the founder and artistic leader of Mozgás-Teátrum Association for contemporary movement / dance theater, as a laboratory platform in East Hungary for youth, for 15 years. The company and its productions were awarded several times by the Committee of Dance Pedagogues (Hungary);
Dance performer at 1More Movement Theater (H); Hungarian Movement Arts Company (H) and participating in performing arts projects as a freelance performer and choreographer.

Since 2009 she is the artistic leader of MAPA (the Moving Academy for Performing Arts – Amsterdam).

Since 2009 mime/physical acting teacher for singers, performance and production coach in the Conservatory of Amsterdam / AHK – CvA.

Since 2011 Pluribus associate for Hungary, facilitator – “Diversity and Inclusion”

Since 2014 manager at Studio MAPA Nederland in Haarlem, the new theater studio of the Moving Academy for Performing Arts.

Since 2015 Musicality of Movement  (MoM) teacher and coach for musicians in AHK – CvA, the specific subject she has been developing for musicians and music-theatre performers.

Present artistic focus points:

  • small-scale real time composition research projects: integrating music playing, performing body, light in space from a theatrical viewpoint.
  • coaching and directing music theatre productions based on a MoM / Musicality of Movement approach.
  • Constantly developing her MoM / Musicality of Movement approach for musicians, music-theatre performers, improvisers / real time composers.

Present guiding/coaching focus points – individual or group sessions for:

  • improving your performance
  • physicality and body language in performance
  • musicality in performance





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